Welcome Puppy Nimbus!

We got to meet Nimbus, our long-awaited new puppy, while attending the 2001 Samoyed Club of America National Specialty in Denver, Colorado. What a cute puppy!

He joins Lightning to share mascot duties for our company, Wolf Packs. Nimbus is a nearly full brother to Lightning. Both of these boys were born to the same mother, but Lightning's father is Nimbus' grandfather.

Shown here at 10 weeks, Nimbus is a fine example of the ancient Samoyed breed. He will eventually grow to be a strong, handsome 55 pound dog. In time, he will accompany Lightning on many adventures, as well as become a partner in harness. With a temperament as sweet as his brother's, we are very excited about this new addition to Pacific Crest Samoyeds!
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