Snow Surfing

Stormy follows her dad, Lightning, through deep powder on a hillside. It looks as if they are bodysurfing through the snow. These two could have done this all day long. At a year and a half old, Stormy has become a very powerful dog!

Snow Nose

Nimbus enjoys his romps in fresh snow. This picture shows him tasting snow that stuck to his nose while free-running in our nine acre fenced yard. The dogs love to explore this spacious area populated by trees, rocks, and the occasional rabbit.

Stormy's Introduction to Sheep

Sormy herding sheep
We were in Missouri for the 2008 SCA National Specialty, where 16-month old Stormy had her first introduction to sheep.

These were very tough sheep and Stormy was quite young, but she handled the sheep with confidence. She earned the first half of her Herding Capability Test title, and received lots of praise.
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