Stormy at one of her first dog shows
Whelped: August 6, 2007
Breeders: Pat Schuler, Kay Hallberg, Linda von Hanneken-Martin
AKC# WS24065303
OFA Hips: SA-15234G27F-VPI
OFA Elbows: SA-EL963F27-VPI
OFA Thyroid: SA-TH134/13F-VPI
OFA Cardiac: SA-CA376/17F/C-VPI - Cardiologist
OFA Progressive Retinal Atrophy: SA-PRA227/29F-VPI
OFA Retinal Dysplasia: SA-RDY98/39F-VPI
OFA Eyes: SA-EYE148/116F-VPI
CERF: SA-5992 (2014-80)
OFA CHIC: 62961
DNA: V521663
Stormy's pedigree

Stormy was sired by our incredible Lightning. She has run with our other dogs in harness since puppyhood, and is a great asset to the power and spirit of the team. Like her parents, Stormy has lovely proportions, a smooth effortless gait, clean front, powerful rear movement, and single tracks beautifully. She is also a delight to live with.

Stormy earned her Championship exclusively from the Bred By Exhibitor class. She was Winner’s Bitch/Best Of Winners/Best Bred By Exhibitor at the 2010 WVSF specialty and went Best of Breed at other shows. Our hard working girl also has her Working Samoyed (WS), which she earned by packing, carting, bikejoring, and herding.